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Untangled Vine

An attempt to sort through all things wine. Specifically of, and about, but not limited to: Food and Wine in Toledo, Ohio. Plus the day to day musings of a Wine Distributor...

Toledo Tasting Panel 1- Interesting Whites

In an ongoing effort to broaden the palates and minds of our readers, The Toledo Free Press has invited pillars of our wine community to sit in on a tasting panel. The panel is held blind, with brown-bagged wines. Each participant was asked to bring a bottle of wine from their establishment, and we all made comments before the wines were unveiled. This is a decidedly un-scientific approach, although, the comments elicited are all accurate. We tasted these wines in a controlled setting at The Toledo Free Press Offices on June 8th.

The Panel:
Adam Mahler-Food & Wine Editor-Toledo Free Press
Jerry Johnson- Owner-The Vineyard Westgate
Cissie Schnoering-Wine Manager-Walt Churchill’s Market
Nick Kubiak-Wine Associate-The Anderson’s Maumee
Jim Heltebrake-Wine Manager-The Anderson’s Talmadge
Gus Mancy-Partner-Mancy’s Steakhouse, Mancy’s Italian Restaurant, Shorty’s BBQ

All of these wines adhered to one theme: Interesting Whites

Wine #1-2004 Rodolfo Torrontes-Argentina
$10.99 at Walt Churchill’s Market
Torrontes is a varietal that is relatively rare in the American market, but is very common in Argentina, where it flourishes. It was originally grown in the Galicia region of Spain, but has grown to greater prominence in S. America. The grape is often Light and fruity with generous acidity.
Adam Mahler-Soft Fruit and Honeydew flavors, with intense citrus
Cissie Schnoering-Peaches and Apricots- perfect with Asian flavors.
Nick Kubiak- Fresh White Flowers, solid acidity
Gus Mancy-Incredibly Versatile for any number of cuisines, a perfect starter wine.

Wine #2-2003 Noble House Riesling Qba-Germany
By the Glass at Mancy’s Steakhouse and Shorty’s BBQ
Riesling is the true Noble varietal of Germany. Rieslings can run the gamut from dry to sweet, as with most Qba’s (the entry level of quality wines) this is on the drier end of the spectrum. The best Rieslings will show impressive minerailty, and a slight Petrol quality on the nose.
AM-Stone Fruit and decent minerality. Slightly effervescent with a nice lime creaminess
Jerry Johnson-Delicious Patio Sipper
CS- Lively & Spritzy. A clean fresh summer wine.

Wine #3-2004 A to Z Pinot Gris-Oregon
$14.99 The Anderson’s Talmadge
Pinot Gris is the same grape as Pinot Grigio, made famous in Italy. This version is from Oregon, where labeling laws require it to be called Pinot Gris. These wines are typically reminiscent of the Pinot Gris of Alsace in France. Oregon is home to some of the best examples of this style of this wine.
CS-Good finish with great grip, would go great with a nice cream sauce.
NK-Sweet honeysuckle, good citrus
Jim Heltebrake-A sweet, even-tempered mouthfeel.

Wine #4 2002 Spann Chardonnay/ Viognier-California
$14.99 The Vineyard
There is a growing movement afoot in California to blend varietals that have no affiliation whatsoever. This is a great example of what 2 distinct varieties that are rarely blended, let alone with each other, can achieve.
NK- Hints of Banana and Pear.
JH-Very pleasant, the perfect wine for Betty’s Salad
GM- Interesting flavor combinations, you can really see the Viognier come through.

Wine # 5-2003 Monchiero Arneis-Italy
$10.99 The Anderson’s Maumee
Arneis was once on the verge of extinction in it’s native Italy. Were it not for the Ceretto family in Piedmont, it would be gone forever. Today, it’s best examples are throughout Italy, as is this representative from Langhe in Southern Italy.The grape has a firmness and viscosity that stands up to a variety of cuisines.
AM-Lemon Oil, with a nice weight on the palate. Soft white peach flavors
NK-Baked apricots with hints of Almond. Nice Earthiness
GM-Light toast and oak, solid fruit, and a very long, lingering finish
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