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Untangled Vine

An attempt to sort through all things wine. Specifically of, and about, but not limited to: Food and Wine in Toledo, Ohio. Plus the day to day musings of a Wine Distributor...

Another BIrth

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Looking forward to the next great project in my world, I have launched another blog in anticipation of starting a new company. You can find my new blog here. And you can find the new company website here. Both are in their infancy. I hope to get the new company, Ampelography, fully launched in the next couple of months. You can also find Ampelography on Facebook, Twitter & Tumblr. There will be lots of great content on both sites. This is a company that works inside the wine industry. We will have little consumer contact, but don't let the industry jargon take away any interest. The site and blog both promise to be something special. My brother, Brad, has put many hours into the awesome video on the company page Make sure you watch it. For those of you that aren't wine geeks, ampelography refers to the botanical study of the grapevine. I picked this name because it implies a science and a study to growing grapes, which in my opinion is the most important factor in the quality of the wine. I am very proud of many of the ideas involved in the birth of ampelography, and it has truly been an inspiring collaborative process so far. For you UntagledVine Fans, I will continue to write wine knowledge articles and post them here. The Ampelography Blog will be wine business and entrepeneur specific. Hope you enjoy both, or at least 1!


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