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Untangled Vine

An attempt to sort through all things wine. Specifically of, and about, but not limited to: Food and Wine in Toledo, Ohio. Plus the day to day musings of a Wine Distributor...

Tasting Panel 2- Oregon Pinot Noir

In an ongoing effort to broaden the palates and minds of our readers, The Toledo Free Press has invited pillars of our wine community to sit in on a tasting panel. The panel is held blind, with brown-bagged wines. Each participant was asked to bring a bottle of wine from their establishment, and we all made comments before the wines were unveiled. This is a decidedly un-scientific approach, although, the comments elicited are all accurate. We tasted these wines in a controlled setting at The Toledo Free Press Offices on July 13th.

The Panel:
Adam Mahler-Food & Wine Editor-Toledo Free Press
Zack Kinker- Wine Associate-The Vineyard Westgate
Cissie Schnoering-Wine Manager-Walt Churchill’s Market
Nick Kubiak-Wine Associate-The Anderson’s Maumee
Jim Heltebrake-Wine Manager-The Anderson’s Talmadge
Mike Sader-Partner- Cohen & Cooke Restaurant
Dave Duling-Fine Wine Specialist Heidelberg Distributors

All of these wines adhered to one theme: Oregon Pinot Noir

…A brief word about Oregon Pinot Noir. Oregon may seem like a strange place to for the world’s most challenging grape. It has become, without question, one of the best places in the world for this fickle wine. The climate is correct, the soil is correct, and the experience is there. The most notable region in Oregon is certainly Willamette Valley (about 45mile South-Southeast of Portland), but Yamhill County, and Umpqua Valley also offer some interesting, high quality selections. The beginning of the wine industry in this area can be traced back just one generation to the 1960’s. The industry continued to grow slowly and surely until 1998 when 2 crucial events took place: a) The first, in an (as of yet) uninterrupted string of stellar vintages, 7 straight years and counting b) the realization that lower yields, minimal intervention, and trending towards organic and sustainable farming all contribute to a marked increase in quality. The growth and talent in this region is so rich now, that I refer to this region as the Algonquin Round Table of Wine. An artists commune where inspiration is always right next door, and creativity and quality begats creativity and quality. The 7 wines that we blind tasted were most impressive, and we all advocate the further exploration of selections at your local wine merchant.

Wine #1-2003 Patricia Green Cellars-Four Winds, Yamhill County
$27.99 at Anderson’s Talmadge
Mike Sader-Jam, Jelly, Licorice, Super Fruit! Great with Duck Carpaccio with Blueberries
Dave Duling-Spice on the nose, good structure, mulberries and black cherries
Jim Heltebrake-Smokey, Complex nose, round and viscous. Long and complex, very pleasing.

Wine #2-2002 Oak Knoll, Willamette Valley
$14.99 Anderson’s Talmadge
Zack Kinker- Light Acidity, tastes like Nerds Candy (Editor’s Note- this may seem silly, but it is quite accurate)
Cissie Schnoering-Ripe blueberries. Elegant and light.
DD- Grapey, decent acidity, quaffable and light.

Wine #3-2001 Domaine Drouhin-Cuvée Lauréne, Willamette Valley
$53.29 The Vineyard
CS-Barnyard Aromas, in a good way, long and interesting finish
ZK-Smokey Cigar box, hickory , dried cherries
Adam Mahler-Elegant and savory. Interesting texture, a real purity of earth and fruit. Highly adaptable for food.

Wine #4 2002 River’s Edge, Umpqua Valley
$19.99 Walt Churchill’s Market
Nick Kubiak – Great acidity with an extended finish.
DD-Black Cherries, cola, very balanced and perfumed.
JH-Nice unctuous cherry

Wine # 5-2002 Stone Wolf Barrel Select, Willamette Valley
$19.99 Walt Churchill’s Market
MS- Nice mixed berries, would go great with Rabbit
NK- Good Earthiness, light cinnamon and baking spices with a touch of oak
CS-Lighter style pinot, double star, nice elegance

Wine #6 2002 Archery Summit Premier Cuvée, Willamette Valley
$80 Real Seafood Co.
AM-Powerful with nice tannins. Dark fruits with a touch of tar.
ZK-Dried Cherries, mouth drying tannins, a touch of barnyard, and some lovely creaminess.
MS-Super deep, dark barnyard, great tannins. Good with Grilled Lamb and Lamb Shank

Wine # 7-2002 Chehelam Reserve, Oregon
$27.99 375ml (1/2 bottle) Various Locations
JH-Most interesting nose, unripened fruit, firm acidity, great vigor, and terrific food wine
NK-Cherries, Raspberries, and a nice spice on the finish
AM-Great acidity, under-ripe strawberries, with a touch of mint. Bright fresh and showy.
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At 12:37 AM, Blogger winedude said...

Hi Adam-
Nice post on Oregon. Might have a chance to go there next week. We'll see how things go on Monday. Also liked your post on chain stores. I know a lot of folks in the grocery biz and we talk about this often. I don't buy much at grocery stores except occasionally at Costco or Trader Joes--but even there, I buy low yield wines for the most part...

If I go to Oregon, I'll contact you for some shoulds. Thanks.    

At 1:25 AM, Anonymous tom merle said...

Couldn't you have gone one step further and ranked, both by group and by individual? For an excellent example of this, which includes commentary, surf on over to:

[my own website is down at the moment]    

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